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Abstractive Landscape
October 23, 2014 11:34 pm
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Abstractive Landscape

Abstractive Landscape


Born on 1st January 1977

I believe that my paintings are the creations that just happen. What I create with colours and brush on canvas, often opens up a plethora of thoughts, dimension & feelings in the minds of the viewers.
Ananda Bedrala’s creations extend from his fantasy, dreams and imagination which give a tangibility to his works. His works are a reflection of his indulgence in the domain of Human Psychology. He attempts to display his deepest thoughts in his own style and technique, to present the fine intricacies of my life and thought forms.The use of colours & tonal values, metaphysical visual patterns, divisions, spaces that are interdependent with rolling forms reflect the inner urges and complexity of human life. Glistening abstracts, pleasing patterns and earthy hues amalgamate to form harmonic visuals in his paintings. His realistic works speak in grandeur of his understanding of light and silhouettes being of particular focus.



Awards and recognition

Won the National Award Varnika 2002 in Ujjain MP.
Outstanding young person JC Award 2004 and more than 4 state Awards 2001-2008 Camlin Award 2009.
Camelart Southern Region Award 2008,
Mysore Dasara Award 2000 &2002
And more than 4 state Awards 2001-2008

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